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From : Your Host: Carolyn Hansen

Minimalist Fitness: How To Exercise The Right Way – Discover Why Less Is More
Has your workout progress stalled? Are you frittering away your time doing exercises that take you nowhere?

In this eBook you'll learn the SELECT exercises that QUADRUPLE your workout efficiency by giving TWICE the results in HALF the time.


* Why You SUCK At Cardio
* Why More Muscle = Less Time
* Why More Intensity = Less Effort
* The SINGLE Best Exercise By Far!

Once all the “fitness fluff” is stripped away it all becomes more “doable” and is very easy to maintain a simple but effective program to take your health and your life to a whole
new level.

Download "Achieve DOUBLE The Results In Half The Workout Time" and get your health and fitness goals back on track today.
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From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

285 Hz Solfeggio Frequency Meditation
This ancient Solfeggio frequency of 285 Hz influences your energy fields, sending them a message to restructure damaged organs and helps return your body tissue to its original form. It also leaves your body feeling rejuvenated and energized.

It's super powerful and incredibly relaxing to listen to.

And, I've imbued this audio with additional eneryg healing for your best self!

I am releasing 9 solfeggio audios in total, so grab this one today and stay tuned for more.
Value = $47

From : Gladys Cheow

55-Page eBook: Juicing Recipes And Natural Remedies
I this eBook, You'll discover a ton of amazing things like...

- Which fruits and veggies can be consumed as natural remedies for a particular health problem

- Discover the Benefits of Juicing:
Your Keys to Radiant Health, Energetic Life and Truly Optimal Health.

- Lots of Healthy and Delicious Juice Recipes!

- And much more....
Value = $47

From : Karim Hajee

Stop Negative Thinking And Breakthrough To Success
Get the Simple Formula for Success - FREE

Here are the proven steps for success from Karim Hajee - he's helped over 200 thousand people enjoy happier, more successful and rewarding lives. Now you can get the Simple 3 Step Formula that will catapult you to Success.

Discover how to:

*Stop Negative Thinking
*Believe in Yourself
*Discover You're True Calling
*Get Rid of the Fear and Anxiety that holds you back
*Make the Right Choices
*The One thing to Attract More Money
*How you Can meet the right partner - easily

Plus so much more - all Free.
Value = $47

From : Melissa Phillips

Harness Your Thoughts And Get The Life You Want!
Inside this FREE eBook you'll discover:

1. 3 BIG SECRETS to getting exactly what YOU want……whether it’s money, health, family or love.
2. How to shrug off your past failures and create success in all areas of your life.
3. How to make success practically inevitable.
4. The 3 big obstacles that are currently sabotaging you and how to switch them off.
5. The 1 thing you MUST have in order to become your best self (page 21).
6. A whole new world where EVERYTHING YOU WANT is right within reach...
Value = $37

From : Health Vantage

The Sodium Crisis
This common "Everyday" mineral is killing thousands of Americans every single day.

Start protecting yourself today!

You'll learn how to reduce the chances of getting heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke by
372% with this simple natural method.

In fact, it's so good that Dr Oz was just talking about this the other day...

Grab it now before it gets taken down for good!
Value = $49

From : World of Alternatives

Hypnosis – Hypnotic Induction + Speed Learning + Lucid Dreaming Downloads
Download #1 - Hypnotic Induction:
A combination of frequencies consistently create a highly suggestible state in the user. Studies found that this was ideal for self hypnotic induction.

Download #2 - Speed Learning:
Certain frequencies can at least double our ability to learn new material. In some cases this learning ability has been multiplied by a factor of ten.

Download #3- Lucid Dreaming:
Get control of your dream world... now. Learn the secret of programming lucid dreams every night.
Value = $60

From : Meditation Movement

Spiritual Tranquility
FREE audio will help declutter your life and connect you with your higher mind so that you can live in closer connection to your true spiritual nature.
Value = $47

From : Ewen Clooney

Past Life Regression:The Power Of Your Past
Through this MP3, you will be embarked into a journey to uncover and discover who you were... so you can learn more about who you are!

Experience your past lives!

Main Features:
- A journey back through time to uncover lessons from previous lives
- To receive wisdom that you can apply to your current lifetime and situation
- Connect with your higher self
- Healing your connections with others
- Learn healing processes that will bring about forgiveness and help you move forward in life
- And much more...

Download This FREE 41-minute Audio To Learn How You Can Do That NOW!
Value = $168

From : 101 Magic Seeds

101 Top Life Tips
101 Simple Life Tips to be Happy, Alive and Purposeful

Special gift for You.

On page 21 & 22 of this fabulous gift you will find 11 tips to HEALTHY LIVING: Eating And Drinking To Last You A Lifetime.

The best part, you don't need to spend any money using most of these 11 tips!

But that's just 11 of the practical tips from the 101 total tips that can greatly improve every aspect of your life!

Included among the 101 powerful tips...

- 11 ways to have more money than you'll ever need.

- 3 secrets to overcome any obstacles.

- 17 ways to enjoy fulfilling and lasting relationships.

- 11 simple things to boost your happiness.

- 12 tips to have a rewarding and successful career.

- Top 5 virtues

And Many more...

Claim this gift now!
Value = $52

From : Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard

Your Reiki + Money Reiki Healing Activation Kit – Receive Your Uplifting Download!
REIKI: Your Path to Wellness, Wealth, Awakening & Ascension!

Reiki is the most respected, well-known and powerful form of energy healing in the world today. Wondering how can Reiki help you, your loved ones, and the world?

This NEW in-depth guidebook to using Reiki both for PERSONAL and PLANETARY healing will inspire and uplift you as you discover:

* The true history and many benefits of Reiki
* Angels, Crystals, Sound Healing & Essential Oils
to enhance your Reiki practice
*13 tips for choosing the RIGHT Reiki program for you
* 7 ways to heal the world with Reiki

Brimming with Real-Life Reiki stories and REIKI-IMBUED IMAGES, this is far more than a book so get your copy today.


Receive a MONEY REIKI transmission & prayer!
Value = $111

From : Ryan Drake

10 Ultimate Natural Testosterone Boosters
My good friend and health expert, Thomas Lane, is giving away 200 copies of his life-changing "10 Ultimate Testosterone Booster"

Until recently, this had NEVER before been released to the public! For a very limited time, I'd like to send it to you today as a gift.

But you have to hurry, because Thomas told me he is ready to email an additional 207,857 people about this gift. When he does, these 200 copies will definitely be GONE.

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From : Daniele Fiori

6 Ebooks For An Happy, Healthy Life!
Create an happy healthy life with these 6 free e-books:

Healthy Mind Healthy Body
The Power Of Goals
Stress Overload
Balance Of Physicality And Spirituality
Time Management And Motivation
Secrets to Good Habits


"Achieve Any Goals" Email Series (2 email series) and Weekly Self-Improvement Newsletter!
Value = $47

Biggest Fitness Lies EVER
Grab your FREE copy of the latest myth-busting expose.
Download This FREE eBook to save you making these same mistakes!
Yours Free Today!
You're going to love these incredible free tools!
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